Mobiq publishes annual mobility survey

Mobiq Group, the leading specialist consultancy in the transport and mobility sector, has published its annual mobility survey report, highlighting changes and opportunities in the industry.

Over 40 operators, regulators, municipalities and key stakeholders in the sector were interviewed as part of the survey, aimed at exploring the impact of the pandemic and the direction of travel for the mobility sector as it emerges from the fallout of COVID-19.

Respondents were asked about everything from the changes in revenue during the pandemic to their outlook for the future. The survey spanned taxi, private hire, bus and coach and new mobility (ie scooters and bike shares).

Niels Kae, one of the authors of the annual survey report for Mobiq commented: "Never has there been a more important time to gauge the mood of the mobility sector. It has been the most volatile year on record, with the landscape altered across many cities around the globe. As the world adapts to new ways of working mobility is key and understanding the direction of travel is essential for operators, regulators and investors alike."

The survey findings including a more intensive drive to invest in electriciation of transport and, crucially, technology platforms that can power the new era of mobility. Interested parties can requate a FREE copy of the report here

Mobiq offers GDPR compliance service to operators

Mobiq has launched its GDPR consultancy service to taxi and private hire operators across the UK to help them ensure they remain compliant with data protection rules.

In 2018 the Data Protection Act was superseded by the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and every business in the UK needs to be compliant. 
These regulations place new responsibilities onto any business that processes personal data, and taxi and private hire operators are deemed to be relatively high risk as they hold personal data on their drivers, and of course clients.

The penalties for breaching GDPR are far greater than under the Data Protection Act, with fines of up to 4% of global turnover or £17m, whichever is the greater, for the most serious breaches. With around 80% of all data breaches being down to human error it is vital that taxi and PHV operators in  the UK take steps to ensure they are compliant and can provide evidence of the measures they have put into place to mitigate a breach.
Simon Haynes, Director at Mobiq, commented: "We've spoken to a number of small to medium taxi and private hire operators across the UK, who seem to think GDPR won't apply to them as they are small operations, but the regulation applies to every company, regardless of size. Because taxi and PHV operators process personal data for customers and drivers, they must ensure they have properly compiled a Data Asset Register and can evidence the lawful process under which they are processing all that personal data. If they are using other systems or moving data to other suppliers that can add an extra layer of risk, so it is vital operators make sure they are compliant with GDPR and not unduly exposed to the punitive fines and penalties that can be applied. We have helped operators with data protection, ISO27001 certifcation and GDPR audit, so we are well practised in this area."
Mobiq helps operators undertake a full data protection audit, and puts in place remedial measures where they are needed to comply with GDPR. This includes training and practical assistance in preparing the necessary processes, procedures and documentation.
Simon Haynes added: "It does not need to be a huge burden on a business. Some would have you believe that GDPR is a huge undertaking. It doesn't need to be, but it does require some proper processes to be applied and firms must demonstrate they have taken appropriate steps to ensure compliance and to protect the data they hold on any person- whether it is staff, drivers or clients. The way that data is processed and the rights that need to be afforded to data subjects are paramount in the regulations, and at Mobiq we are offering assistance that is tailored to the taxi and PHV market."
Mobiq offers training on the principles of GDPR- with specific advice on implementation in the taxi and private hire sector. They also offer assistance in pulling together robust policies, procedures and documentation to help operators prepare for compliance. As well as helping operators avoid falling foul of the regulations, this also assists operators in improving their data privacy and security measures.

Simon added: "Some operators using dispatch systems are under the impression that all of the onus falls to their dispatch system provider, and that is not the case. In many cases the taxi and PHV opertors are still the data controllers and in many instances they are also a data processor as well. In both cases it is vital the operators themselves understand the personal data they hold and process and the requirements that GDPR places upon them on every category of data they manage."

For more information on the Mobiq GDPR Readiness service for Taxi & Private Hire Operators, email:

Mobiq secures Global Award

Mobiq Group Limited, Europe's leading smart mobility consultancy, has won the Global Business Insight Award for its efforts in helping its clients grow with intelligent business development strategies.

Mobiq was nominated in the 'Ones To Watch' category for Business Development Solutions - reflecting the amount of work the consultancy does to help firms secure new business and grow top line revenues.

Mobiq works with a diverse range of businesses in the ground transport and smart mobility sectors and has helped firms to develop proven strategies to secure new contracts across the public and corporate sectors. The firm helped to secure over £20m in B2B contracts over the course of the award evaluation period and improved the profitability of both new start-ups and established brands.

Malcolm Paice, Director at Mobiq Group commented: "We are of course delighted to receive this award, but we are even more delighted to have helped so many of our clients win new business and gain competitive advantage with real and proven business development planning. Not only are we helping firms with their organisational and strategic planning but we take a hands-on approach that gets right down into the clients bids, pitches and implementation of new contracts."

Mobiq was formed in 2017 to help businesses across Europe better handle the significant disruption across the ground transport and mobility sectors. 

Malcolm added: "Every single aspect of mobility has seen significant change, upheaval and disruption. The advent of ride hailing apps, autonomous vehicle development, more agile technologies and increased pressure to improve air quality has made mobility a hotbed of innovation and competition. This makes business development and sustainable pipelines of new business even more critical if firms are to remain profitable.

Mobiq has also enlarged its portfolio to include compliance services- with a focus on regulatory solutions, including helping firms become GDPR compliant. Becuase transport services often include a high amount of personal data, the sector is more exposed than some to potential breaches.

The firm has also expanded on its roster of consultants with affiliates specialising in rail, infrastructre, EV and autonomous vehicles and project management services. Mobiq has an approach of applying more specialist resource where needed as opposed to a 'one size fits all' approach.

Simon Haynes, Director at Mobiq added: "The Global Business Insight Award is very welcome and recognises our focus on business growth. Hiring a consultancy is of no value if it does not improve bottom line performance, and our unrivalled experience in the ground transport sector helps our clients win and retain business."

"Mobiq has been able to help firms gain strong organic growth, as well as help them with merger and acquisition activity - including the implementation and integration post-acquisition. On demand transport has changed dramatically over recent years and that means firms need to change structure, culture and strategy if they are to survive, thrive and grow."

The Global Business Insight Awards celebrate business leadership and innovation across all seven continents of the world.




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