Strategy & Planning

Whether your business is stuck in a rut and needs to break into new markets, or you are finding that ongoing success is stifled by technology, people or circumstances, Mobiq has the years of experience to help you plan your next move.

Rather than provide simple direction we take the time to get under the skin of your business and then create a plan – a proper deliverable plan - and then we help you to execute it.

Whether your organisational structure needs to change, whether you need new technology, processes or procedures, we map it and deliver it.

In the modern era of Mobility as a Service, Connected Mobility and frictionless access to on-demand services every organisation in transport, whatever its size, needs to know what its next move will be.

  • Strategic research and planning
  • Market sounding and local research
  • Budgeting and business cases
  • Making transport services more accessible and inclusive
  • Identifying opportunities and benchmarking
  • Understanding regulatory, environmental and technological trends
  • Project planning and managment

Business Development

From writing complex and multi-faceted tenders to developing an online and social media marketing campaign to positioning, lobbying and breaking into new markets, we have the proven experience to create new business, new sales and new sectors.

Mobiq’s united experience in ground transport has added over €80m to the top line of the firms we have worked with, and that doesn’t happen simply through consulting.

We research and identify the opportunities you are missing out on, create the plan, map out what changes your business needs to make to win and then help you execute the plan. We don’t simply provide advice, we’ll be right there with you writing winning tender bids and delivering winning presentations and then helping your business deliver that service to your new clients.

We understand the market place, trigger points, the sectors that are growing (and those that are shrinking) and we know how to create a pipeline that will increase your turnover, but more importantly profitability, to your business and shareholders.

  • Pipeline building
  • CRM and sales management
  • Market Research, Sounding and Market Making
  • Tenders, bids and presentations
  • Branding, marketing, communications and PR
  • Online and social media campaigns

Project Management & Account Management

Winning new business is one thing. Successfully implementing and delivering complex new projects is something else, and the ground transport and mobility sector is a graveyard for failed implementations and disappointment.

Our track record in delivering large projects with multiple moving parts is proven, broad and a testament to our expertise in project management and operational, hands-on experience.

We engage experienced project management teams with ground transport backgrounds to deliver the projects your business relies upon.

Whether you are deploying new technology, acquiring another business or implementing a major new contract, we have the skill sets, resources and hard faced experience to make it a success every time.

So confident is Mobiq of our ability to deliver, we also offer ongoing Account Management services, to help you avoid the extra cost of headcount and salary costs as your business expands. Our experienced account management team will provide your clients with a secure and holistic approach to their ongoing needs

  • New contract implementation
  • Technical and system deployments
  • New process and procedure deployments
  • Operational set up, go live and ongoing management
  • Ongoing Account Management, reporting and delivery

Mergers, Acquisitions & Consolidation

Surface transport is changing. Fast.

Disruption, rapid advances in technology and legacy business branching out into the on-demand model all lead to greater consolidation, acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures.

Operators who were once fierce competitors are now potential allies in seeing off greater risks and rapid market changes. Sometimes making a deal work against that backdrop is at best a challenge, at worst nigh on impossible.

Mobiq has worked on mergers, JVs, strategic partnership and acquisitions for firms of every size – from small family run fleet operations to multi-national strategic deals.

We are not brokers here to take a cut of any sale- we help bring the deal together, create Heads of Agreement that work for both parties, build bridges, undertake due diligence and then deliver the deal strategically, operationally and commercially. We have bought and sold businesses ourselves, we know what it takes and we understand the motives behind any new deal.

If you know your business has to change, branch out, diversify – but you’re not sure how, when or who with – we do the research, identify the opportunities and then help you make it happen without wasting time or money.

  • Vehicle manufacturers looking to enter the on demand/MaaS market
  • Coach/Taxi/Exec/Courier Operators looking to consolidate
  • Joint Ventures and Revenue Share Partnerships
  • Acquisitions and business sale

Mobiq offers clear and transparent fixed pricing for such ventures, to avoid the traditional ‘agency’ approach with fees based on purchase/sale price.

  • Market research and opportunity identification
  • Valuation and Heads of Agreement
  • Due Diligence
  • Sale & Purchase Agreements
  • Migration, novation and TUPE planning
  • Implementation and organisation/operational planning

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Transport is a notoriously difficult sector in which to attract and retain experienced staff.

Having a solid network of contacts is vital if you are to avoid missing out when good talent in the industry becomes available.

Mobiq has proven experience in the transport and travel recruitment sectors and takes a pro-active approach, introducing you to the star players before they make their next move so you don’t miss out on getting the person your business needs.

Flat rate fees keep the cost down and helps you avoid the tyranny of recruitment agencies, with high fees and disappointing results.

We can help you with all staffing needs at every level, from front line ops staff to sales, account management, senior management, IT and project management staff. Full time, part time or fixed term contracts are all available from Mobiq.

  • Recruitment and head hunting
  • Pro active identification of target talent
  • Discrete sounding out and referencing
  • Fixed Fee services
  • Permanent, temporary, full or part time and contract staff

Technology and Systems

Few industries have been impacted by technology to quite the extend the transport sector has in the past few years.

Apps, connected vehicles, improved tracking, analytics and telemetry mean that for your business to be at the top of its game your technical solutions will need to be best-in-class.

Fortunately the entire Mobiq senior management team started their careers in technology and engineering and maintain a true passion for technology being an enabler that can revolutionise the service you and your customers enjoy.

Whether you are an operator looking to invest in booking, dispatch, telematics or maintenance systems or a technology provider looking to acquire a business or IP to bolster your current offering, Mobiq provides impartial, objective and informed expertise to make sure your next move in tech is the right one.

Mobiq handles gathering of user requirements, market research, benchmarking, sale and purchase handling and implementation- including full project management where desirable.

We have worked with some of the biggest names in transport innovation and technology and we take the time to look at your business models, location and market variables to ensure you get the right fit for your business.

  • Requirements gathering
  • Benchmarking and market research
  • Return on investment and cost benefit analysis
  • Tendering and Sales/Purchase Agreement brokerage
  • Due Diligence and testing
  • Making technology more accessible and inclusive for ALL users
  • Implementation and project management

GDPR, Quality and Environmental Management Certification, Policies & Procedures

In the modern era of providing transport and logistics services it can seem daunting to secure ISO9001 Quality Management Certification, ISO27001 Information Security Certification and ISO14001 Environmental Management Certification as well as maintaining compliance with GDPR and other regulatory and legislative requirements.

Mobiq has delivered all of these certifications and more to a wide range of businesses across the transport sector. For smaller, less well-resourced businesses, this service means you won’t find the process of gaining certification a distraction or burden to your business.

Mobiq engages qualified and experienced auditors and undertakes the entire process including all documentation, preparation and auditing for a flat, affordable fee that guarantees you receive certification at the end of the process and remain certified going forward.

Increasingly, if you want to win contracts with larger organisations, particularly in the public sector, this is one area you cannot afford to ignore.

  • GDPR Readiness and training
  • ISO9001 Quality Management Certification
  • ISO27001 Information Security Certification
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management Certification
  • Scope, Policies, Procedures and all documentation
  • Training, mentoring and auditing
  • Compliance and monitoring

Business Transformation

Few businesses in the transport sector can afford to stand still for very long. Transforming, restructuring and re-tasking your business, its people and systems is vital in a rapidly changing environment.

Mobiq takes helps to take the pain and uncertainty out of such organisational transformation as our experience in directly managing it in transport businesses means we know what to do – and equally what not to do – when leading a business through change.

Our experience in transforming businesses is as rich as it is diverse and has seen Mobiq undertake projects such as:

  • Moving from ‘traditional’ models to a software as a service model
  • Transforming from a direct operator towards an aggregator or ‘platform’ model
  • Diversification from single mode supply to multi modal supply
  • Changes in revenue models, margins and transactional arrangements
  • Helping vehicle manufacturers break into other on demand services
  • Extending service offerings to include payment and billing solutions

Regulatory and Legislative affairs. Inclusivity and Accessibility

The only certainty with the regulation of on-demand transport services is ongoing uncertainty.

With international and domestic legislation so variable and subject to change, ensuring your business is compliant and yet able to compete with increasingly bullish disruptors and new entrants is vital to survival and success.

If you are moving into new territories it can be daunting understanding local regulations, let alone complying with them while incumbent competitors conspire to make your existence as difficult as possible. From Patient Transport to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Transport, Home to School services and last-mile solutions, Mobiq has unrivalled access to expertise in all emerging sectors.

Mobiq has an unrivalled understanding, presence and network of contacts across Europe so we are best placed to help you understand local markets, regulation and legislation and ensure your business remains compliant and competitive.

Transport services need to have technology, operations, people and processes that work alongside local and primary legislation and can flex as those rules change.

There is also an increased need to make sure transport services are accessible and inclusive for all users. Many obstacles still exist for elderly and disabled transport users - Mobiq's partnership with leading advisory charity Transport for All can help your services remain compliant, accessible and inclusive.

  • Research and guidance on local regulations
  • Licensing regulations and interpretations
  • Compliant operational practices
  • Risk and SWOT analysis
  • Procuement analysis and guidance
  • SEND Transport and Home to School expertise
  • Influencing change and lobbying
  • Networking and contacts
  • Accessibility assessment and improvements
  • Disability Awareness Training 
  • Specialist User Group Forums




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